The Pro Series DG20 System

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Widely recognized as one of the most influential electric guitarists of our time, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd has constantly extended the frontiers of rock, collecting an armload of platinum and gold albums along the way. A long-time EMG user (he purchased his first set of pickups in 1984!), he uses EMG pickups and EQ on his main guitars, both on stage and in the studio.

The Pro Series DG20 system duplicates his best-known configuration, as seen on his main red Fender Stratocaster. It includes:

Three SA single-coil active pickups
Five-way selector switch
Master volume knob
EXG Guitar Expander circuit
SPC Presence Control circuit
Deluxe White Pearl pickguard with matching white knobs
Battery clip and switching output jack

This is an incredibly flexible setup. The SA pickups are hot but low in buzz and hum which is especially important when you're running with a lot of effects or a big rack. They use alnico magnets which give a warmer tone with a little more midrange than the EMG-S. The low- impedance design preserves your tone quality when using a cord or wireless transmitter.

The onboard EQ circuits give you very powerful tone shaping abilities right on board. Cranking up the EXG (which replaces the middle knob) simultaneously cuts the mids and boosts the bass and treble. This "scooped" tone helps emphasize the clean, transparent classic Strat tone. Interestingly, the SPC (the other tone knob) has exactly the reverse effect. It's a presence control which smoothly boosts the mids centered in the low mids. This will create a thick, rich, almost humbucker-like tone. Both the EXG and SPC have no effect on the sound when they're turned all the way down, so you always have the option of dropping back to an unmodified tone at the twist of a knob.

The DG20 comes pre-assembled on a beautiful White Pearl pickguard. The entire system requires only one 9V battery, so the entire system will drop into any standard Strat body with no additional routing.

You can't beat the incredible tonal range of the DG20. It allows you the greatest range of sounds, with all the other great EMG benefits - low noise, super reliability, and, of course, great tone.

Check out David on "Pink Floyd Live : The Delicate Sound of Thunder" to see and hear what EMG gear can do for him!

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