Ten Tenths Limited

Ten Tenths Limited was formed in 1984 around the Nick Mason car collection in order to allow the vehicles to 'earn their keep'. Production companies and photographers were soon asking Ten Tenths for vehicles outside the collection. This proved to be popular among other owners and with the help of a computer database, the availability of other vehicles were logged, with the business taking on a whole new dimension.

Over the years, the database has grown to several thousand vehicles and excellent contacts have been established within all aspects of the motor trade. Ten Tenths' commissions now run to several hundred including television commercials, advertising stills, opening title sequences for programmes, television comedy series, exhibitions, corporate days, feature films etc.

Clients include: British Telecom, Mercury, British American Racing, BBC, Olympus, Alfa Romeo, Spice Girls, McDonalds, Boots, Top Gear Videos, Robertsons' Jam, Sony Playstation, Aston Martin, Panasonic, Vauxhall, Hewlett Packard, Lloyds TSB, Co-Op, Nissan, Daily Telegraph, Goldfish Card, Cellnet, All Saints, Holstein Pils, ITV, GQ Magazine, Audi, TV Times, Persil, Army & Navy, Midland Bank, Detectives, Cable & Wireless, Sky TV, Foster, Littlewoods, Asprey, Halfords, Strongbow, Fantasy Football, Sainsbury.

Ten Tenths now prides itself on being one of the leading vehicle suppliers to the media and welcomes enquiries from all areas.

"If we can't get the vehicle, it probably means it doesn't exist!"